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Smart Lifestyle Integrator

We don't do one-size-fits-all. Instead,

we customize smart solutions that fit your lifestyle.

We aim to help homeowners achieve their renovation goals within their budget.

Whether you are

And you want

Compatible with the world’s most popular smart home platforms

We build your dream home with you

Home Assessment Session

We let you experience smart home devices to help you know how it feels like in a smart home then we can propose a personalized solution with your floor plan.

Onsite Consultation

Our specialists work come to your place to assess which gadgets work with which automation and work with the electricians about wiring plan.

Certified Smart Lighting Design

Based on your expectation or initial interior design, we can propose a money and energy saving solution that use lesser lighting fixture of the same effect. ​

We partner with well-known brands to ensure best quality and compatibility

Integrate Existing Appliances and Devices

Our smart home systems can integrate the devices in your home. Achieve smart air-conditioner and fan controls, even with your existing, non-smart appliances. Integrate smart devices from other brands like Philips Hue and Xiaomi, and unify them into your system.

With Onsmart Living

  • Have first-hand experience with smart home products from different brands

  • Our specialists dive deep into your daily routine and your habits to propose a customized smart home plan that best suits your lifestyle

  • Achieve the same stunning effect as your initial interior design with our more cost-effective lighting solutions

  • Fully optimize lighting tone and brightness to enhance energy savings while maintaining perfect ambiance

Without Onsmart Living

  • Overwhelmed by millions of devices, brands, and ecosystems in the smart home market

  • Uncertainty regarding what to buy, leading to unnecessary cost

  • No added value for your smart home investment

  • No personalized home automation scenarios

  • No attractive free gifts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any hidden costs?

Our process is straightforward and all the products we use and our service price will be shared with you before we start the project.

We begin with home assessment which is not sales but to understand your requirement first, to let you know if we can help you. And this meeting is totally free.

2. What should I prepare for home assessment?

Bring down your floor plan and pictures of the existing conditions of the house (if any). It would be great to have a mood board.

Most importantly, you should come with an open mind. We are very experienced in guiding homeowners through each step of the renovation journey, even if they are not tech-savvy or do not have any ideas in mind.

3. What makes Onsmart Living different from the rest?

We are well-known for our unique approach to smart home solution design. ​Unlike most in the industry, we do not rush into smart home planning or product sales in our first meeting. Instead, we strive to understand your lifestyle needs and challenges on a deep level. ​

After which we will do onsite consultation to propose a few smart home solutions that are specifically tailored to your lifestyle on the next meeting. This way, we can ensure that you can have the correct smart home devices and home automation scenarios.

4. Why our smart home solution is cost-effective and energy-saving?

We are the only one in the market with certified yet free smart lighting design service. We help you fully optimize the capability of smart lighting - a core device in every smart home.

We reorganize, increase or decrease, select suitable lighting features to create more effects in your living space but minimize the cost and energy in the long run.

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